Judith Spitzberg is an integrated music and arts educator that uses imaginative techniques to bring diverse subjects and lessons into her classrooms and performances

For over 35 years, Judith has been teaching music and music education at many schools and museums throughout the Boston area and Israel. She teaches graduate arts courses and professional development workshops to classrooms teachers and specialists at all educational levels.

Judith lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she teaches two courses at the Levinsky College Department of English: “Stories through the Arts” and “Arts in English as a Foreign Language.” Previously, she served as the Director of Creative Arts at the MetroWest Jewish Day School in Framingham, Massachusetts. She also taught various courses at several public and private schools throughout the greater Boston area.

Judith publishes music curriculum integrating the arts to reinforce concepts in science, history and language arts. Many of these lessons have been used by the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Department of Education and both the Foxboro and Canton Public Schools. In 2011 she received a Massachusetts Cultural Arts grant to present a project of integrated arts in Framingham, and in 2004, she received the American Music Foundation Award for creative lesson plans which uses dance, poetry, music and art to explore the music of Aaron Copland.

Judith is working on a publication of a new guidebook called Lyrical Arts, a compilation of 10 interactive lessons for all ages, using famous paintings and musical compositions with original poetry as a collaborative piece with Israeli composers, educators, and journalists. This guidebook is available for purchase by request through email at jspitzberg{at}gmail.com

Judith received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Boston University’s School for the Arts, and her Master’s degree from Lesley University in Creative Arts in Education. Judith recently earned a certificate as Museum Curator of Contemporary Art from Technion University in Haifa, Israel.

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