K-12 classes

K-12 classes in creative arts programs

Judith teaches classes that integrate chorus, recorder, band, and general music, using Orff and Kodaly methodology.

The lessons are a medley of integrated curriculum activities with language arts, science, social studies and music. Patterns in math correspond to repeated and varied patterns in melody and rhythms. Line, shape, color and design correspond to melodic contour, timbre, mood and form in poems, music, art and dance.

Children improvise and create original compositions in each art form and notate their creations to perform and critique. Social skills are developed in large and small group ensembles with focus on cooperation, sharing, inventing, collaborating and enjoying.

Many of the lessons develop into performance medium for parents and the community.


Outside of classroom teaching, Judith works closely with teachers in all fields to enhance their curriculum and to reinforce and extend the concepts learned to their own students. For more, see Workshops.