Workshops for teachers to integrate the arts in lessons and performances.

Judith develops workshops on “Creative Process in the Classroom” to help integrate art, music, poetry, drama, dance, and creative composition in accordance with the Massachusetts Frameworks in the arts. The units reinforce concepts taught in a wide range of curriculum topics, such as animal habitats, the solar system, ancient civilizations, famous authors, and more.

Each interactive and multimedia workshop offers opportunities to help educators create original and engaging integrated arts units based on various subject matters in each art form.

Sample workshop: Making Music Through the Arts

Participants will have fun exploring and designing unique artworks and creative composition based on activities using the paintings of Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Stuart Davis, Henri Matisse, and other famous artists. Through floor puzzle paintings, poetry of haiku and cinquain, dance movements, visual art, jazz and twelve-tone music, we will observe the concepts of shape, line, color and design as it relates to melody, rhythm, harmony and form in various art works. We will also create unique musical sound compositions in small ensemble groups to describe these various paintings and poems. Hand outs of songs and artworks with lesson plans will be provided to use for performances and general classroom lessons. This workshop is suitable for all specialists and general teachers in grades K-8. Background in art is not necessary.